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September 7, 2023
T. Wrights Fantasy Football League - The Golden Age

Scott and Jeff: 
My name is Jared Gray and I'm an avid Fantasy Football fan and player -- in fact, I'm embarking on my 11th season in my current league, chasing my 4th championship, which would be the most in league history. My love for fantasy football stems back to my dad, Eric Gray. I remember I was drawn to the game of football as a kid. I loved to play knee football with my dad, and bond over games, players, and stats. Then, one particular year, he decided to introduce me to fantasy football. He was able to start a father/son league with my Wayzata buddies and I have been hooked ever since.

What I didn't know then that I now know is that my dad was an avid fantasy football player. I asked him how he got started and what has shaped his "hardcore" fantasy football nature. He mentioned that he once had a franchise in the T. Wrights Fantasy Football League. The moment he said it, it sounded like a mythical place where fantasy football quite possibly could've been birthed. He spoke about how it was the premiere league and there was a waiting list. He gushed about how there were 16 teams and how competitive it was. He recalled "Transaction Tuesdays" and how much he looked forward to going to the bar, receiving the latest league news, and talking shit to the other competitors.

Today, I was filling him in on my current league and we again shared some of our favorite fantasy football memories. He once again mentioned T. Wrights. I wondered if I'd be able to find anything on the internet about T. Wrights and I was brought here. All-in-all, I'm thankful for another thing my dad and I can bond over and it sounds as though T. Wrights has a special place in my dad's heart. So, for that, I thank you both!

     Jared Gray

League established in 1982

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