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The Wayzata Fantasy Football League enters its 42nd season including the original 12 years at T. Wrights in Minnetonka. The 2023 draft is set for 6 pm on Sept. 5 in a private room at the Red Rooster in Long Lake. Any rules or policy changes will be discussed before the draft. The league consists of 16 franchises. Franchise fees are $250. The official 2023 draft order will be determined at a pre-draft event at Red Rooster on August 22.

16 franchises will select players from the National Football League. Two minutes intervals for Round 1. One minute intervals for Rounds 2-13. If a team fails to make pick at buzzer, 10 extra seconds will be allowed to name a player, after 10 seconds, the next franchise up in the draft can make a pick. A player may be added at anytime during the draft to fill a missed pick.


The Commissioner’s duties include overseeing the draft, recording league transactions and making sound decisions about league matters. The Commissioner also will produce a weekly, updated roster sheet available to all franchises and keep the website current. For his services, the Commissioner receives a complimentary fantasy franchise. The fantasy transaction dollars cover expenses incurred by the fantasy league office during the football season.


The 2023 Rules Committee consists of Dudley Whiteley, Jim Wahl and Jeff Turtinen. The function of the Rules Committee is to review all appeals of any decision made be the commissioner. The Rules Committee may veto a decision made by the Commissioner by a 2/3 majority unless committee members are involved in the decision. 


Team rosters consist of 11 position players plus 1 Team Quarterback, 1 Team Kicker and 1 Injured Reserve spot. Team Quarterbacks and Team Kickers available in the player pool picked up for "bye week" games are available for pick-up the following Tuesday at 7 pm.


Starting lineups consist of 8 players selected from your roster to play each week. The 8 players shall be as follows with no exceptions.

    + Team Quarterback
    + 1-3 Running Backs
    + 3-5 Receivers
    + Team Kicker

Player positions are determined by Players listed at more than one position may be played at desired position. Starting lineups must be declared before game time on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday games. Partial lineups may be turned in as the week progresses excluding Monday games. Lineups official with start of first game on Sunday. Lineups carry over to the next Sunday unless changed. The Commissioner must be notified of all starting players in Thursday-Saturday games - these players do not carry over to the next game. Players only carry over to Sunday and Monday games.

Team Quarterbacks are awarded 3 points for a touchdown pass, 6 points for a touchdown run or catch and a -3 points for an interception returned for a touchdown. Kickers are awarded 3 points for a field goal and 1 or 2 points for an extra point. Team Kicker is defined as the 11 players who line up for the point after attempt or field goal. Touchdowns made out of kicking formation are awarded to the individual player. Team Quarterbacks will not be credited with any points from a play out of kicking formation. Running Backs and Receivers are awarded 6 points for a touchdown run, 6 points for a touchdown reception, 3 points for a touchdown pass and a -3 points for an interception (by the RB or R) that is returned for a touchdown.


If a RB, WR, TE takes the direct snap; points will be credited to the positional player. If 2 QBs are on the field, the one that takes the direct snap is considered the QB. If a RB, WR, TE throws to the listed QB and scores, the QB gets 6 points and the running back or receiver gets 3 points. If two NFL quarterbacks are on the field and a running back, takes snap then throws to one of the quarterbacks, the quarterback who has taken the most snaps throughout the game will be considered the on-field QB.


Players listed as a QB | Position Player

If a player is NFL listed at two positions, QB/Position Player, the positional player only gets points from the QB position if he scores while there is another QB on the field. Points go to the Team Quarterback when no NFL listed QB is on the field for dual positional players. If a player is listed at only one position and plays QB, the points go to the positional player.

Franchises may put one player on Injured Reserve if the NFL lists the player as "out." Players must stay on Injured Reserve for 4 games. Injured Reserve transaction cost is $1.


There will be unlimited Covid-19 IR spots.  Players must be activated from the Covid IR list as soon as the  player is activated by the NFL.


Trades may be made at any time with any team. Once a player is traded, he may not be directly traded directly back to the same franchise for two weeks of NFL games. If that player gets traded to a third team, he may then be traded back to its original franchise within that two week span. There is no limit on the number of players involved in a trade. The trading deadline is the Tuesday following Week 15 games. Trades are official once the Commissioner is notified and the transaction is deemed equitable. Trades cost $1 per player.


A team may make roster additions by claiming a player from the player pool beginning at 7 p.m. on Tuesdays. Team owners who are present on Tuesday pick in order of worst to first of current standings. Team owners not present will pick worst to first to complete the first round of pick-ups. Second round pick-ups will be in order of worst to first according to the present standings. Bye week quarterbacks and kickers may be added at anytime before first game on Sunday. Franchises may add as many players per week as desired. If more than one team claims the same player on Tuesday, the team with the worst record will be awarded the player. If those teams are tied in the standings, the tie will be broken by fewest points. A coin flip will follow if still tied. Trading of player pickups is permitted. Players dropped between Wednesday and Saturday remain on the waiver wire until 9:00 am the following day before being available for pick-up.  A player can not be picked up or dropped once his team begins play for the week.


If two teams are tied at the end of the regular season, the tie will be broken as follows:
   1) Head-to-head competition (win all games)    
   2) Total points scored
   3) Most Touchdowns        
   4) Paper, Rock, Scissors

If more than two teams are tied:
   1) Team that won all games against others its tied with
   2) Total points scored
   3) Most touchdowns
   4) Paper, Rock, Scizzors


The top 10 teams make the playoffs and are seeded 1 through 10. The top 6 receive a first round bye. Only 8 players are rostered in the playoffs including Team Kicker and Team QB. Excess players are dropped before the playoff draft and/or during the draft. Teams are ranked by overall record and continually re-seeded. Low seed always plays high seed. 


Seeds 7 through 10 participate in Wild-Card weekend. Rostered players are carried over from Week 18. All players on franchises not involved in the Wild Card games become available. The draft order is 7, 8, 9, 10 for every round. At the conclusion of the Wild Card games, "borrowed" players go back to original franchises. Wild Card winners revert back to their Week 18 Roster.


The remaining 8 teams participate in this draft. Players from the 8 franchises that did not make it this far are available in this draft. From this point on, players remain rostered until eliminated or dropped. The draft order is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 for every round.


The remaining four teams participate in this draft. Players from the franchises that did not make it this far are available in this draft. The draft order is 1, 2, 3, 4 for every round.


The remaining two teams participate in 
this draft. All other players available. 
Draft order is 1, 2 for every round.

Playoff game tiebreaker:
1) Most touchdowns
2) All points scored except for the Kicker
3) All points scored except for Quarterback
4) All points scored except for Receivers
5) All points scored except for Running Backs
6) Highest seeded finish in Regular Season


Starters must be turned in by text or a call to the Commissioner 
at 612-210-5796 before the first NFL game of the day or night.


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